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Snorkel Set | Full Face Snorkel Mask

Snorkeling is a very popular family water sport for adults and kids alike of all ages and experience levels.

Masks, snorkels, and fins provide comfort and freedom to swim and dive like a fish! Snorkeling is a wonderful activity that can be enjoyed by almost anyone. Basic snorkeling gear, along with a body of water and an hour of time is all that anyone needs to become a snorkeler. Choosing a snorkel set can sometimes seem like a hard task. With so many varieties, shapes, sizes and colors on offer, how are you to know which one is right for you and/or your children?

If you want to be adventurous underwater with quality gear you can trust for the kids, Good Wave has curated a large selection of snorkeling gear with everything you need for the entire family to enjoy a snorkeling adventure. Whether you are looking for a new snorkeling mask or an entire snorkeling package we have all the snorkeling equipment to meet your needs, even including a set with a high-quality HD 1080P action sports camera! Now you can not only enjoy your underwater adventure but you can also store those memories forever.

How to choose the right snorkel set:

  • Mask: Your mask should be able to stay on your face without the help of the straps. Mask straps are just there to make sure the mask stays in the correct position. A simple way to test the fit of the mask is to place the mask on your face and draw air in through your nose. Some prefer tempered glass since plastic fogs up a bit easier.
  • Snorkel: Look for a snorkel with a purge valve and splash guard (as all of our snorkel sets include). A purge is helpful in clearing the water out of the snorkel and the splash guard minimizes water entry while at the surface.
  • Fins: Provide a large surface area to push against the water. This allows you to swim using your powerful leg muscles moving you you more efficiently and frees your hands! You want your fin to fit like a comfortable shoe. Not so tight that your feet cramp but also you don't want your foot to have any loose movement inside the fin.

If you're thinking about buying a full face snorkel maskthen you have to consider a few important things:

  • Visibility: Most mask models offer a curved lens that extends behind your eye and gives a clear uninterrupted 180-degree view. The frame seals behind your vision line, which means you don’t have a frame that alters your view.
  • Water barrier: The masks seal around your entire face, which decreases the chance of water getting into the mask when you smile. The rear strap holds the mask in place on your head, allowing you to move freely and take one wind and waves without losing the mask.
  • Natural Breathing: While using a full face mask you can inhale and exhale through either your nose or mouth. The natural breathing helps keep you calmer and more relaxed in the water. The absence of a mouthpiece, also makes extended snorkeling more comfortable, allowing you to snorkel longer.

You can check our full face snorkel mask which includes all these key features for you.

Last but not least, please remember these safety points when snorkeling:

  • You must be a competent swimmer before attempting snorkeling.
  • Practice in a shallow area of the beach or in a pool
  • Do not snorkel in high waves or rapid currents.

Stay safe!


Is Good Wave based in Australia?

Yes! While originally from San Diego, we have teammates across Australia and the United States.

What is Good Wave’s snorkel set and full face snorkel mask shipping time?

It typically takes 2 business days for us to process an order and 5-7 business days for shipping, but please excuse any delays due to Coronavirus. Feel free to reach out if you have any special requests such as an upcoming birthday, surf camp, etc.

Does Good Wave accept returns?

Yes, please refer to our Shipping & Returns page.

How do I contact Good Wave?

Urgent questions: please find us on chat on the bottom right of the website! If we're unavailable, we're helping another customer so please just leave us a message.

All other questions please use our contact form.

I want to order more than one snorkel set. Can I get a discount?

Likely yes, but please contact us since it depends on the product :)

Does Good Wave have inventory in a certain product?

If you can purchase it on our website, likely we have it. Sometimes we run out, but we can easily find you a replacement or refund your order if so.